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Meredith & Leigh @ Denton Hall, Ilkley

Fantastic Stop Motion Wedding Film made in the heart of Yorkshire. Flat caps, beat box dancing and beam me in Scotty! Read More

Lindsay & Denver @ The Monastery, Manchester

Amazing Stop Motion Wedding Film in Manchester. Gravity defying Groom, laser beams and party! party! party! Read More

The X Project

For months we have been working on a super secret project, codename THE X PROJECT. Test subjects required. Apply now! Read More
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What, Why, How?

My passions for all things creative have brought me here. Audio / Visual is just "my thing" and a Wedding is the perfect opportunity to create some of the most iconic imagery of your life.

Based on my own experiences of getting married, I truly believe that memory making should be as enjoyable as any other aspect of your day, in some ways, it can even be a feature! My Clients agree!

So this is the basis of what Cornerstone Cinema represents for 2016 and beyond. I strive to embrace the different, the alternative, the exciting, I'm ready to push the boat out as far as I can for you. You're game, I'm game, let's play!

If you're planning something a bit different, want to capture your unique personalities in a compelling, exciting format, let me know, imagination is what I do!

I offer a fusion of Stills Photography for Stop Motion, Cinemagraphs and Filming forged by creative flair and the desire to constantly try something new.

Let's innovate!